Integrated Technology in the Middle School

April 12, 2007 at 8:58 am (children, Education, Educational Leadership, High School, Middle School, principals, school, school administration, teachers, technology)


It’s becoming more and more apparent that teaching in the 21st Century will require teachers who can effectively integrate digital technologies into their daily classroom instruction. And, more importantly perhaps, include a focus on 21st Century *skills* in their curriculum planning. What do integrated lesson and unit plans look like in practice? The Northwest Educational Technology Consortium offers four examples at their website Classrooms@Work, including an eighth grade unit called “It’s a Wild Ride,” developed by a three-member teacher team. This link leads to a well-documented discussion of the unit, which integrates science, math and language arts. You’ll also find background about the team and their classrooms, the school where they teach, and their community (Twin Falls, Idaho). Don’t miss this — very impressive! If you’d like to see other units (there’s one for a 4/5 blend and one for ninth grade) go to:

To see the “It’s a Wild Ride” unit, go to:

For information on the classes and school involved, go to:

It’s a Wild Ride takes a high interest topic, roller coasters, and builds content-specific knowledge before moving to an open-ended group design task.

Planning, scheduling, and monitoring work in three classrooms requires coordinated teamwork among teachers and students.

Flexibility in technology access and an extended period schedule supports this multifaceted project that integrates several different technologies.

A range of assessment strategies from embedded performance assessment to traditional paper tests, inform students and teachers about learning progress.

A committed teaching team and a strong instructional leader are only two of the several factors that support successful classrooms at work.


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