Fun in the Classroom – Pt 3

March 27, 2007 at 6:31 pm (all, blogging, children, culture, drama, Education, Educational Leadership, Elementary, High School, humor, kids, life, Middle School, Parents, principals, reading, school, school administration, teachers, Thornebrooke)

Can you believe it?  This is the last tip from Jonathan Erwin’s Classroom of Choice.  I hope that you have found this series to be useful.

The following are fun activities that can be used for transitions, tension-busting, or camaraderie building.

Who Is the Leader?

This game starts out with the students sitting in a circle in chairs or at desks.  One person leaves the room.  Another person is chosen to be leader.  The leader stays in his place and gestures, makes faces, and fidgets.  The rest of the class follow along with the leader’s actions.  The student who left the room returns, joins the circle, and tries to guess who the leader is by carefully observing the group.

I’m Going to California

Everyone sits in a circle.  Someone begins by saying, “I’m going to California, and when I go, I’m taking      .”  The first player fills in the blank with anything: “my favorite CD” or something else.  Player 2 must say “I’m going to California, and when I go, I’m taking – and list Player 1’s object and a new one.  This is a great game to stress focus. 

Zip Zap Boing

This game helps students learn to focus and concentrate.  It begins with students standing or sitting in a circle.  One player starts by turning his head sharply to the right, and exclaiming, “zip!” with energy and enthusiasm.  The player to his right keeps it going, snapping her head to the right and saying “zip!”  This continues around the circle until a player shouts “boing!” as he turns back to the person to his left.  This person snaps his head to the left and says, “zap!”  Now the wave of zaps continues to the left around the group until another player says, “boing!”  The object of the game is to create a fast continuous flowing sound and movement around the circle.  It takes practice to get to that point, but the practice is lots of fun!


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