Changes in My Blog – I Said Farewell Today

February 26, 2007 at 6:38 pm (blogging, children, Education, Educational Leadership, Elementary, High School, kids, Middle School, Parents, personal, principals, reading, school, teachers, technology, writing)

Since I started blogging a month or so ago, I have mainly focused on tips that I generally send out to my teachers on a daily basis.  That is all going to change today.  While I will continue to publish my “Tips of the Day,” I will also begin to write reflections about my new role as Principal. 

Since 2000, I have been an Assistant Principal at 2 inner city schools in Orlando, Florida.  Most people think Orlando is just Mickey Mouse and Universal Studios; but we have some pretty rough parts that have seen surging crime rates in the last 24 months.  Over the past year, I have been interviewing for principal positions within Orange County Public Schools.  On February 12, 2007, I received a phone call from the Executive Area Director informing me that I was the leading candidate for the position of Principal at Thornebrooke Elementary School in Ocoee, Florida, which is on the outskirts of Orlando.  On February 22, 2007, I met with Superintendent Ronald Blocker, who decided that I would become the next Principal at Thornebrooke Elementary.

As much as I would love to tell you about Thornebrooke today – I am not.  I will save that for a future blog. 

Today was a bittersweet day.  I informed my staff that tomorrow night I would be going before the Orange County School Board to be named the new Principal at Thornebrooke Elementary.  My current principal, Mr. Carl Colton, did an excellent job of sharing a story about a former principal as he led into telling the staff that I would be leaving.  When he introduced me, he said, “Ladies and Gentlemen, please help me bring up the newest OCPS principal, Mr. Kendrick.” 

I was shocked to see my current staff gave me a standing ovation.  I was even more shocked to see that they kept standing and clapping.  I was extremely flattered.  I then let them know the timeline for my impending departure.  I let them know what I have learned from each of them and that my time at Orange Center was time well spent.  It is hard to talk about yourself and to say goodbye, especially since I had laughed and cried with many in that room. It was extremely difficult to the people that I had hired. They put their faith in me, as I did them. It was very moving as each member of the staff walked by to give me a hug as they let me know the impact I had on them – that was very emotional.

Tomorrow night – the School Board Meeting.

Until then, this is Principal Kendrick, signing off!!!



  1. anitamorrell said,

    Congrats to you. I am a 51 year old early retiree thinking about teaching. Was probably the thing I was intended to do but I chose a business career instead. Now I have free time and am wondering how I could get involved with teaching. I have an undergraduate degree but not in education. Any suggestions? Anita

  2. kendrik2 said,

    Go to your local school district with your transcripts and resume. Most districts are in desperate need for teachers – esp. in the South. A lot of districts have what is called “Alternative Certification Programs,” which gives you 3 to 5 years to teach while you work on some required coursework. My experience with ACP teachers is that their business experience is invaluable. Good luck.

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