Exit Tickets

February 18, 2007 at 2:13 am (children, Education, Educational Leadership, kids, Parents, reading, school, writing)

Here is a really neat post-learning assessment: Exit Tickets.

This site has a description of the strategy, explanation of the process, and examples. Check it out today!


Exit Tickets

1. Give students “tickets” – small pieces of paper designed to look like tickets, but with space for writing.

2. Ask students two questions. One that requires a factual answer about the big idea of today’s lesson, but in their own words. A second question should require more explanation of a concept.

3. Give students five minutes at the end of class to write their answers.

4. They must give you an Exit Ticket to leave class for the day.

5. Analyze the tickets to learn how many students got the big idea and how they understand it or misunderstand it.


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