Valentines Day Resources

February 2, 2007 at 10:27 am (children, Education, kids, Parents, reading, school, technology, Uncategorized)

Looking for resources to help make Valentine’s Day a learning experience?  Try these sites.


Virtual Museum of Canada: Valentine’s Day   
A comprehensive and entertaining look at “love and romance” tied to the history and traditions of Valentine’s Day. The site delves into the life of the saint and martyr for whom the day is named and recounts the stories of some of history’s most famous couples. It also includes wonderful galleries of Valentine’s Day greeting cards and images of love and beauty as portrayed in Western art through the ages.


History Channel: The History of Valentine’s Day   
The history of Valentine’s Day is examined by the History Channel. Along the way, discover some interesting did-you-know tidbits about love and marriage and read about famous couples Harry and Bess Truman, Robert and Elizabeth Brownings, and Jackie and Rachel Robinson.


Welcome to Holidays on the Net   
This site has explanations of many cultural features of holidays, both religious and secular. It contains a wealth of information and activities for students of all ages and all language levels. It also has crafts and recipes.

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