Best Practices in Teaching Reading

January 30, 2007 at 10:38 am (children, Education, kids, Parents, reading, school)

Are you looking for ways in which to improve your students’ literacy skills?  If so, consider the following information.

Best Practices in Teaching Reading

Increase Decrease
Reading aloud to students
Time for independent reading
Exclusive stress on whole class or reading-group activities
Children’s choice of their own reading materials Teacher selection of all reading materials for individuals and groups
Exposing children to a wide and rich range of literature Relying on selections in basal reader
Teacher modeling and discussing his/her own reading processes Teacher keeping his/her own reading tastes and habits private
Primary instructional emphasis on comprehension Primary instructional emphasis on reading subskills such as phonics, word analysis, syllabication
Teaching reading as a process:

  • Use strategies that activate prior knowledge
  • Help students make and test predictions
  • Structure help during reading
  • Provide after-reading applications
Teaching reading as a single, one-step act
Social, collaborative activities with much discussion and interaction Solitary seatwork
Grouping by interests or book choices Grouping by reading level
Silent reading followed by discussion Round-robin oral reading
Teaching skills in the context of whole and meaningful literature Teaching isolated skills in phonics workbooks or drills
Writing before and after reading Little or no chance to write
Encouraging invented spelling in children’s early writings Punishing pre-conventional spelling in students’ early writings
Use of reading content fields (e.g., historical novels in social studies) Segregation of reading to reading time
Evaluation that focuses on holistic, higher-order thinking processes Evaluation focused on individual, low-level subskills
Measuring success of reading program by students’ reading habits, attitudes, and comprehension Measuring the success of the reading program only by test scores

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